Meet incredible photographers from around the world who are giving photos.

We hope to inspire you to do the same . . . If you’ve been giving photos and would like to share your story or if you would like to become a GivePhotos photographer, please email us at

GIOVANNA DEL SARTO  is a documentary photographer based in London who is giving instant prints to refugees.

NANDINI MAZUMDER  is a social worker who found GivePhotos to be a great way to bridge the socioeconomic divide in India.

GREG BOLES  went to India on a company paid sabbatical to explore his love of street photography.

GILLES NICOLET  is a professional photographer who has been shooting in different countries in Africa for the past 35 years. He gave photos in Tanzania.

GABRIELA HAURIE AND MARCIAL RODRIGUEZ are passionate world travelers who have given photos in Sri Lanka and Mexico.

YULIYA BODA is an amateur photographer and student living in Prague. She gave photos in Tanzania on her recent trip.

LUDOVICO ALCORTA is an amateur photographer and PhD researcher in Political Science. He gave photos on his recent trip to Freetown Sierra, Leone.

MARTHA TEDESSE is a self-taught photographer based in Ethiopia. She traveled to the Afar region which is a predominantly Muslim area of the country to give photos.

JUSTIN WEILER has traveled the world giving photos. As a professional photographer, he’s found great joy in sharing the images he takes on his travels.

BRIAN WOLOWICZ traveled to Vietnam with instax film donated by GivePhotos. Brian was the official photographer for Habitat for Humanity which built homes for impoverished people living in the Phu Tho region.

ARTUR CABRAL gave striking large format prints in the Island Nation of São Tomé and Príncipe off the coast of Africa back in 2014. Focusing on the Island’s elderly, he named the project ‘Obrigado’ (Thank You in Portuguese) and held an exhibit of his work in the nation’s capitol.

RAJESH AND KAAVYA RAMAKRISHNAN started giving away photos in Bangladesh after seeing a documentary called ‘Girl Rising’ about the sad state of girls’ education. The father and daughter team gave photos to other fathers and daughters, while at the same time speaking to them about the importance of education.

RICK JACKSON During a 2013 mission trip to the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, Rick noticed the excitement among villagers when he showed them the photos he was taking of them. Realizing that most of the them had no photos of themselves or family members, Rick started ‘In Our Image’ as a way to provide free photo prints to those who have little to no access to attain photos of themselves or love ones.

KEVIN PERRY started giving away photos a decade ago on his extensive travels around the world. Although not a photographer by profession, Kevin’s portraits beautifully capture the people he meets on his journeys. We’re excited to see who Kevin will share photos with on his next trip to Guinea Bissau. Follow Kevin on Instagram at Ventureforthphoto.


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